Michael Turley

Michael Turley is an environmental artist based in Whitstable, Kent. He creates Applied and Fine Art from waste materials with his main body of work consisting of pyrographic pieces on reclaimed wood.

Woodburning is an age old tradition dating back since the dawn of recorded history; telling visual stories through the simple application of heat to wood. It has the basis as one of the most rudimentary art forms, yet holds strong as a practice that clearly connects us in a primitive way to nature through the material, its process and aromas. Michael shows his gratefulness and respect for Nature and forest ecosystems by purposefully and with determination only using wood that would otherwise go to waste. It is estimated that around 4.6million tons of wood goes to landfill every year in the UK alone. “This is inexcusable” says Michael.

Michael's ethical morals run deep into his everyday lifestyle. He is a strong advocate for home grown produce, promoting permacultural values at creative events and workshops he organises. He expresses admiration and respect for all wildlife and indigenous people, valuing their sustainable models of living symbiotically with nature. Through his unyielding appreciation of the natural world, Michael proceeds to use his artistic practice to find his way of asking fundamental questions and inspiring others to feel the benefits of an interaction with the outdoors.

Since 2008 he has been creating artwork for people around the world. He has received many commissions from all over Europe as well as Canada, America and Australia. With his interest rooted in environmental causes he has organised numerous awareness raising creative projects for charities such as Actionaid, Surfers Against Sewage, Save the Kimberleys and Survival International. He is also the founding advisory board member for Squared Root, an organisation set up to help bring communities and their environments into harmony for better quality of life.

In 2013 he won the Ralph Steadman Best Of Art Competition with his ice sculpture piece entitled 'Frozen In Time...When Is Now?'

Michael often finds himself drawn to the synergetic correlation between creative practices and feels audio art (music) has a big part to play in his work. He is greatly inspired by musicians who share the same ethical values and holds that method of message-sharing in high regard.

He creates pyrography, jewellery, sculpture, poetry and songwriting with the same underlying enthusiasm arising out of reverence, enjoyment and a longing for greater understanding of the laws of nature.